Vivek Khandelwal

Founder, iZooto

Vivek Khandelwal founded iZooto, the world’s first owned audience marketing platform. iZooto specializes in engaging media publishers and retailers’ audiences through web push notifications, serving over 15,000 marketers who push approximately 18 billion notifications monthly to drive repeat traffic. 

Prior to iZooto, Vivek co-founded Applied Mobile Labs, a company dedicated to creating performance-based advertising solutions for a diverse range of sectors including e-commerce, BFSI, and education, where he spent seven years focusing on new product development, strategic alliances, and sales.

Vivek can assist startups by leveraging his expertise in audience engagement and digital marketing strategies. His experience in forging strategic partnerships and developing new products makes him a valuable resource for startups looking to innovate and expand their market presence.


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