Vijay Nagappan

Partner, MHS Capital | Board Member, Outreach

Vijay Nagappan has been a key Partner at MHS Capital since July 2010, bringing over 13 years of expertise in sourcing, evaluating, and leading investments. His role involves closely collaborating with founders post-investment to enhance their business development strategies, refine business operations, and assist in recruiting efforts.

Vijay holds significant board positions across several innovative companies. He’s a Board Director at Qualio, a quality management system platform aiding teams in launching life-saving products. Since March 2015, he’s served as a Board Observer at, an enterprise communication platform for sales teams.

Vijay has also been pivotal as a Board Director at Plotly, a data visualization platform for engineers and data scientists, and at Zenput, a platform optimizing retail execution and operations.

Additionally, he holds observer roles at ShiftPlanning Inc., Guidebook Inc., Handshake Corp. (acquired by Shopify), and Simply Measured, showcasing his broad influence across tech and software industries.

Vijay’s extensive experience in venture capital and his active involvement in guiding startups post-investment make him a valuable asset for emerging companies. His expertise in business development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency can help startups navigate the complexities of growth and scale effectively. Vijay’s deep understanding of the tech landscape and his network within the industry are crucial for startups seeking to enhance their market position, secure funding, and accelerate their development trajectory.


Fundraise, Mentors, Strategy