Rajan Patel

Vice President of Search Experience, Google

Rajan Patel is a seasoned leader in technology and innovation, currently at the helm of Google’s product and engineering teams for its Search experience. This includes overseeing key areas such as Search, Image Search, Lens, and Autocomplete. Rajan’s career is marked by significant contributions to Google, including founding or leading the development of major projects like Search experimentation frameworks, Shopping, Search ranking algorithms, Gboard, Google Podcasts, Google Lens, ARCore, and augmented reality experiences in Search, along with Google Flu Trends.

Before Google, he held pivotal roles at Amgen, Inc., rising from Senior Biostatistician to Biostatistics Manager, where he led statistical analyses for early-phase and pre-clinical trials. Rajan has also imparted his knowledge as a Statistics instructor at Stanford University for a decade.

His academic foundation is solid, with a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Emory University, during which he developed novel statistical methods for analyzing brain function connectivity using fMRI data.

For startups, Rajan can provide invaluable insight into product development, engineering leadership, and innovation strategy. His experience with statistical analysis and development of new technologies can help startups in navigating product design, user experience, and leveraging data for strategic decisions.


Engineering, GTM, Mentors, Product