Mani Iyer

CEO, Kwanzoo

Mani Iyer is the CEO and Founder of Kwanzoo, leading the company from Santa Clara, California. Kwanzoo provides advanced buyer-level identity resolution technology for B2B enterprises, offering tools like SiteStop that uncover detailed buyer information on websites. This technology tracks individual buyer journeys, providing invaluable insights for sales teams. Kwanzoo’s extensive database holds 101 million B2B and 254 million B2C profiles, ensuring compliance with data privacy standards.

Mani has also held key roles as Principal at Enterprise Catalysts Inc, VP of Product Strategy at PeopleSoft, CEO of Teamscape Corporation, Senior Product Manager at CA/Ingres Corporation, and Technical Architect at HP/Compaq/Digital Equipment Corp. His career began as a Software Engineer at Microsoft.

How Mani Can Help Startups

Mani can assist startups by offering strategic guidance on marketing technology, helping with product-market fit, and optimizing demand generation strategies. His expertise in identity resolution and data privacy is crucial for B2B companies aiming to enhance their marketing efforts. Additionally, his experience with tech stack integration and sales prioritization can significantly accelerate pipeline growth for emerging businesses.


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