Karthik Sundaram

CEO, Purplepatch Services

Karthik Sundaram is the President and CEO of Purplepatch Services. He specializes in delivering effective and economical marketing communications solutions for Silicon Valley and the U.S. technology industry.

Karthik co-founded FutureChain, a platform focusing on the evolution of the supply chain with IoT, Robotics, AI/ML, and Cognitive Science. He also co-founded Design Spread Inc., providing intensive learning camps for UX/UI design, web design, and digital marketing. Additionally, he is the co-founder of Zafra Harvest, an online marketplace for organic and natural personal care products, and Sapient Fund, a seed-stage venture fund for startups in Cyber Security, AI/ML, and data-driven decision science. Karthik also serves as an advisor to SlideMade and President of Global Markets at Heterogeneous Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Karthik can help startups by providing expertise in marketing strategy, brand development, and digital transformation. His experience in creating impactful marketing solutions and navigating diverse business challenges makes him a valuable mentor for emerging companies seeking to enhance their market presence and operational efficiency.


Fundraise, GTM, Mentors, Strategy